Is Jerry Insurance legit?

Yes, Jerry is a real company that can sell you real insurance. But Jerry is not an insurance carrier, so they don’t insure your car or home directly. Instead, they connect you with insurance companies and allow you to compare quotes through a phone app.

Introduction to Jerry Insurance

Jerry is a free insurance comparison app that launched in 2019 and uses artificial intelligence to match users with insurance policies. Jerry primarily focuses on car insurance but has recently started offering some renters and homeowners insurance policies as well. While Jerry can help you buy insurance, it is not an insurer. Jerry is an insurance broker, meaning they work with insurance companies to sell their policies.

Jerry’s focus is cars and not just insurance. When they started in 2017, Jerry's goal was to improve multiple aspects of car ownership. While most people know Jerry for their car insurance comparison services on their app, they’ve also launched features targeting loan refinancing, car maintenance, and even driving safety. Traditional insurance companies or brokers focus on selling you insurance products (which typically include more than car insurance), but Jerry’s AllCar™ app has various uses outside of insurance. Customers can use the Jerry app to shop for insurance but might also find value in their other products, especially if you're new to car ownership or want all your car information stored on one app.

What kind of car insurance does Jerry offer?

Jerry is licensed to sell car insurance in all 50 states and works with over 50 insurance companies. These include companies like Allstate, Travelers and Progressive, but also smaller regional insurers like Erie or Clearcover. Any car insurance policy you buy through Jerry is the same as a policy you can buy directly from the insurer, meaning you’ll receive the same protection whether you buy from Jerry or through Progressive or Mercury’s website.

Jerry is an app-based, direct-to-consumer insurance company. Unlike insurance companies that ask you to call or speak with insurance agents to purchase a policy, customers can go directly to Jerry’s online quoting site or download their app, create an account, and purchase their policy, all online. To access quotes and purchase them, however, Jerry does require that you download their app on your phone—even if you start your quote on their website.

After purchasing, Jerry customers have to go through their insurance carrier to access documents, receive proof of insurance, modify their policy, or file a claim. Customers can, however, use the Jerry app to re-shop for insurance at any time or even allow alerts for their renewal. To access all of these benefits, you are required to keep the Jerry app on your phone or redownload it every time you want to shop!

Does Jerry sell full coverage for car insurance?

Full coverage doesn’t really exist — no insurance policy covers you fully against all possible claims — but this usually means that your policy includes comprehensive and collision coverage, and higher liability limits. Since Jerry works with a few different insurance companies, they can sell you insurance with these coverages. But not every insurance carrier sells “full coverage” and not every carrier is willing or able to offer this coverage for your specific car. In short, Jerry can sell comprehensive and collision coverage, and higher limits – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you or your vehicle are guaranteed to find full coverage on the Jerry app.

Does Jerry sell liability insurance?

Yes, Jerry sells liability insurance. As a licensed insurance broker, Jerry must follow certain minimum liability requirements set by each state for bodily injury and property damage coverage (they also might be required to offer coverages like personal injury protection or uninsured motorist). These minimum requirements are usually what are referred to as “minimum liability policies” and they provide protection if you cause an accident that injures others or damages their property (cars, as well as buildings or other structures). Minimum liability policies, however, don’t protect your car against damage — only comprehensive, collision, and underinsured motorist property damage cover your car.

How does Jerry Insurance work?

Enter your information: Jerry’s website and social media ads claim you can sign up in 45 seconds. We found that, while signing up was easy and can be completed under a minute – there are a few more steps and minutes involved in receiving a real quote. If you get started on their website, Jerry asks you a few questions about your existing insurance policy, and gathers personal information (your credit score range, full name, and phone number). Once you’ve provided your number, you receive a 4-digit verification code and are directed to download the Jerry app – the only place where you can continue to receive your quotes. This also gives Jerry permission to send you automated marketing messages. It’s important to note that Jerry requires an actual mobile phone number and won’t allow you to enter VoIP numbers such as those provided by Google Voice, Zoom, or RingCentral.

Select your policy: Once you’ve downloaded the Jerry app, you’ll need to answer a few additional questions before you can view your car insurance quotes. Jerry accesses public records, using your phone number, to autopopulate data such as your cars and addresses. They’ll ask you to review this information, and you can make changes if anything is missing or if you need to add a new car or address. For your initial quotes, Jerry will provide prices for minimum liability coverage for your state, but you can edit your coverages to include higher bodily injury, property damage, uninsured motorist, or to include collision and comprehensive coverages. While Jerry provides helpful definitions for each coverage, you do have to know exactly what you want as you customize your policy. Unlike insurance companies that let you update your quote as you go to see how different coverages change your price, Jerry only gives you your exact price once you’ve clicked “Get Final Price” with your selection.

Review your information: While Jerry lets you compare multiple prices with the same coverage, you can only get a final price for one insurance company at a time. After you click final price on the carrier you’ve chosen, Jerry requires you to check the information you’ve already entered. You’re also required to do this any time you submit – like if you want to check out their renters/homeowners policies or want to compare prices for different coverages. You can do this fairly quickly in the app (it’s all previously entered information), but it does mean a series of extra clicks whenever you want to shop for a quote again! Once you’ve received final quotes, you have to review your policy. Not every insurance company can offer the exact coverages you want, so Jerry tries to match you with policies that are close (but not always an exact match).

Pay for your policy: Once you’ve received final quotes (this takes about 10 minutes), you might find that your price is higher than estimated. Jerry runs insurance reports while you wait and might have found tickets or claims that weren’t on your form. The insurance company might also decide it doesn’t want to insure you or your vehicle. If you want to compare this final price with another carrier, you can’t hold onto the quote and come back to it later. Jerry releases the quote to get you a final price from a different company. After you review your quotes, however, Jerry lets you provide payment in their app without any additional processing fees.

Pros and Cons of Jerry Insurance


One app for car insurance, loan refinancing, and auto repair

Available across the US

Multiple carriers available


Required app download

Initial quotes are estimates

Focused on car insurance and car ownership, not homeowners, renters, or umbrella policies.

Ratings and Customer Feedback for Jerry Insurance

Jerry has over 10,000 reviews, and a 4.3 star rating on the Google Play Store and 17,000 reviews, and a 4.7 star rating on the Apple App Store. Overall, customer satisfaction for the Jerry’s app is high and customers praise Jerry’s ability to reward them for safe driving habits and offer them an easy in-app quoting process.

A review of Jerry’s one to three-star ratings show that customers complain about having to download an app, having technical issues with the Jerry app, seeing higher rates in-app than they were shown on Jerry’s website, and not being able to comparison shop once they’ve finalized a quote.

Real App Store & Play Store reviews for Jerry Insurance

Ash, August 2023

It's not a scam! I was hesitant to try this but was desperate for help getting new insurance. My old insurance company left me with a huge mess to deal with within my states DMV and it was time for them to go... I was able to get quotes, good ones AND bad ones. Just be prepared to be bombarded with companies hitting you up now that you're on the market. You can make payments in app, you can get copies of your records in app (amazing!) And you can even schedule payments towards your policy!

Tyrone, 2023

Loved no deposit and instant proof of insurance. This is still cheaper than other insurances upfront and a little more long run. More money saved in my pocket

Used this app for the first time and enjoyed how easy it was to operate, get quotes, and being able to talk to agents through the app as well as over the phone. Only issue on my end is you should be able to refresh a failed card for repayment instead of having to add another card on the app. Had I been able to do that, I wouldn’t have had to call, but agent Crystal was great to have as an agent.

Ben, September 2020

Overall a decent experience. Navigation of the app is a bit tricky when moving back and forth between quotes and changing the desired coverage in the quotes. Building a custom quote is tough. But I was hooked up with a coverage that is sufficient for now. They were a day later than promised on getting my coverage running. But they still set me up.

Cristina, July 2022

This is my first time trying this app to shop for auto insurance, but I keep having to re-enter my selections (trying to add glass coverage for example). I select it, hit save, it goes into shopping mode, and when it pulls up quotes, none of them include the damn glass coverage that I just requested. So I have to do it again. And again. Etc etc. It’s been a pain in the rear tbh. I’m not sure I’ll use this app again.

Holly, June 2022

Apps in my mind are meant to be shortcuts for tools I use frequently, not just a forced substitute for mobile sites. Being forced to get an app just to get a quote for car insurance is frustrating, but of course they don't tell you that you'll have to do so up front. I get to the quotes and it defaults to a level of coverage way too low for what is realistic in my area. I change it to my current level, only to find that all of the "deals" are higher than my current rate (doesn't even show mine).

Zeyad, July 2023

An app that forces you to download it to see the services after you spend time giving the website all it asks for is an app that can’t earn your business legitimately. If apps aren’t for everyone then why force people to download them when you have a fully functioning website?

Get customer support for Jerry Insurance

Most of Jerry’s customer service happens through their app, so you can only contact them directly through their app or through their phone line. If you need help from Jerry immediately, you can contact them via —

How to cancel Jerry Insurance

If you need to cancel an insurance policy you bought through Jerry, you need to reach out to your insurer directly. Jerry insurance only connects you to insurance companies, it doesn’t insure your car or home. To cancel a policy, you’ll need to reach out to your insurance company directly usually by phone call, although you can cancel some insurance policies online.

Should I Buy Jerry Insurance?

Jerry is a legitimate car insurance broker that provides real policies, but it’s not for everyone. Jerry’s All Car app can be great tool for users who want to simplify different aspects of car ownership. If you know exactly what type of car insurance you want, need reminders for car maintenance and insurance renewals, and don’t mind downloading an app — Jerry could be the right tool for you.

Jerry, however, is not as good for drivers who need insurance advice or if you’re looking for other forms of insurance (such as homeowners, renters, umbrella, or life insurance). Jerry’s AI-based system is great at getting you the insurance you want but doesn’t advise you on whether you’re under or over-insuring yourself. If you’re buying minimum liability insurance in certain states, for example, you could be on the hook for significant costs if you hit an expensive car or injure someone in a crash. If you need renters or homeowners insurance, you might also benefit from using different services because of Jerry’s car focus. Finding homeowners insurance or renters insurance isn’t as easy on the app, and policies like landlord insurance or umbrella insurance aren't offered at all. Finally, it’s difficult to comparison shop if you need to buy more than one type of insurance.

Of course, it’s also important to remember that Jerry is an app, and most of it’s functionality requires downloading their app and keeping it on your phone. If you’re not a fan of apps, for privacy/data reasons or you just don’t like having an extra app on your phone, then Jerry is not the right choice for you. You can only access quotes on their app and features like insurance renewal reminders, driving rewards, or car maintenance support require that you keep the app on your phone and grant certain permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jerry Insurance a real insurance company?

Jerry is a legitimate company that is licensed to sell insurance as an insurance broker in all 50 states. The policies that you can purchase through Jerry are real and will provide coverage for you and your vehicle.

How does Jerry Insurance make money?

Jerry is an insurance broker, which means they earn commissions on any policy they sell. These commissions are not charged to the customer as a fee, but rather paid by the insurance company for finding them new customers. Jerry’s other services, DriveShield™, GarageGuard™, and loan refinancing also generate commissions for Jerry by connecting drivers with different service providers.

Is using Jerry worth it?

If you don't mind downloading an app, and you know exactly what type of coverage you need -- Jerry could be worth it for you! Even if you don't buy your insurance policies through Jerry, if you want to simplify your car ownership or gain rewards for good driving habits, the All Car app's features could be worth it.

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