Is National General Insurance Legit?

Yes, NatGen is one of the oldest auto insurance carriers in the United States. As of 2021 they're a subsidiary of Allstate that focuses on providing insurance to higher-risk buyers who are unable to find a favorable policy elsewhere.

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  1. Introduction to National General Insurance
  2. What Kinds of Insurance Does National General Offer?
  3. Does National General Sell Auto Insurance?
  4. Does National General Sell Homeowners Insurance?
  5. How Does National General Insurance Work?
  6. Pros and Cons of National General Insurance
  7. Reviews of National General Insurance
  8. Get Customer Support Or File A Claim For National General Insurance
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to National General Insurance

NatGen is one of the oldest auto insurance carriers in the United States being first established as a subsidiary of General Motors in 1920. The company focuses on providing insurance to non-standard or higher-risk drivers who are unable to find a favorable policy elsewhere. Although auto is their main focus National General also offers insurance for a range of consumer needs including homes, RVs, and even healthcare.

What Kinds of Insurance Does National General Offer?

National General offers a range of consumer insurance products. On the auto side they provide coverage for cars, RVs, motorcycles, and commercial autos. On the homeowners side they can offer insurance for condo, renters, private collections, flood, and umbrella (also called excess liability) insurance.

Does National General Sell Auto Insurance?

Yes, National General sells auto insurance and it's their main product offering. In 2019, before they were purchased by Allstate, auto insurance accounted for approximately 60% of the premiums they received. Their consumer auto offerings include liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. For RV owners, National General offers coverage options beyond standard auto including replacement cost, personal belongings protection, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Does National General Sell Homeowners Insurance?

Yes, National General does sell homeowners insurance. Standard coverage is offered for homes’ dwellings and other structures. Buyers can also add liability, excess liability (Umbrella), or personal possessions coverage when required and available.

How Does National General Insurance Work?

National General operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Allstate with a focus on selling to non-standard buyers through agents or brokers. By offering insurance to folks who are perceived by other insurance companies as higher risk, usually due to a history of accidents or insurance lapses, National General is able to provide a valuable service while often commanding higher premiums from this market segment. Their services can be purchased on the phone with one of their agents (you can use this portal to find a local agent), through the quote form on their website, or via an online broker like Coverage Cat that doesn’t require a sales call and can also assess the marketplace for other options.

Pros and Cons of National General Insurance


  • Available to non-standard buyers who aren't offered coverage by other carriers
  • Robust financial backing and ratings
  • Strong ratings from organizations that purport to track customer satisfaction


Real reviews for National General Insurance

Moishary De Los Angeles, February 2024

via Google Maps Reviews

Ralph Garris is such an asset to this company, and my experience with him this evening was beyond anything I was expecting. As a military spouse currently without my significant other, I was stressed out, and needed professional guidance. Ralph exceeded my expectations and was able to help me with coverage, and ensure that my questions and concerns were answered every step of the way. Thank you so much, Ralph!

Rena, January 2024

via Google Maps Reviews

As a customer getting insurance they were fine, then I got into an accident that wasn’t my fault and now as of 1/4/2024 I need a copy of the declaration page so I can settle with the company and I cannot get a human to answer. They’re literally stopping me from settling because I cannot get a copy of that one paper. The insurance rate was great and I would use them again if I could talk to a person not a recording.

Dwayne L Quebe, Nov 2021

via Trustpilot

I'm a current customer. The company fixed my car without any problems. However, the poor customer service forced me to look elsewhere. I complained to Sr managers. But, got nowhere. Here's the good, bad, and the ugly from my experience.

Good - vehicle repaired, payment made to autobody, car returned without any issues.

Good - Inexpensive, but had to pay the deductible on a no-fault accident.

Very, Very, Bad - Poor customer service. Don't expect any follow up. No matter how much you ask. Even if you call the senior managers. Ugh, I hate this place.

Bad - Policy Exclusions: If your car is stolen, damaged, and returned, the damage to the vehicle will not be covered if there is no sign of forced entry. This includes the use of electronic key hacking and entry.

Bad - Be prepared to pay your deductible on all accidents. No matter who is at fault.

Bad - You cannot choose your own body shop.

If you are skeptical, which I often am about online reviews. Go read the policy. That alone is a problem. Add poor customer service and watch your blood pressure rise to new heights.

Disclosure: Real names not used in this review.

Dawn M, March 2024

via Better Business Bureau

I was in a car accident, 100% not at fault! I went over and beyond to get the information they required and other documents to speed up the process! My car is totaled, I have been renting a car going on 8 weeks! I have called the company a total of 15x in the last 3 days and no one has responded! I was on hold for 4 hours! Their customer service is awful, they are unprofessional and no one has a clue what they are doing!

Anne Shultz, March 2024

via Wallethub

My car insurance was up for renewal in December. My husband passed away in late November. With everything happening, I simply renewed it because I had no time to shop around, even though it had gone up over a thousand dollars for no apparent reason. I found a better rate through GEICO for half the price. So, in January, I called to cancel it. They told me I had to call the agent. I called them and canceled without any problems. Three weeks later, I received a bill for $268.00. They are charging me a 10% cancellation fee. No one mentioned this to me when I canceled it. I called and told them about my husband's death and the situation I was in; they said it was too bad, and if I don't pay by March 22, they will send it to collections. That means one month of insurance will cost me over $500.00. I have never heard of such a thing. I have been with them for almost five years. I guess that's what I get for staying all these years with them. As they told me, if you would not have renewed with us, we would not have charged you this fee. Run away from this company. They have nothing but rude customer service reps and threaten you with creditors. My husband didn't have life insurance, so it has been difficult. I don't need this.

Ann Craighead, March 2024

via Wallethub

Horrible customer service. The appraiser went to the wrong address twice, and then on the third visit, he appraised the damages at $4,500 and never inspected under the hood. Once it was taken to a car shop, it took the auto body shop 5 weeks to then state it is a total loss. Since then, Mr. Kuzak and Ms. Francini in the North Carolina office have refused to accept responsibility for the appraiser's incompetence.

Get Customer Support For Or File A Claim With National General Insurance

Customer support for National General Insurance is available via phone, or email. Customer support for auto policies can be reached at 1-888-293-5108 while support for homeowners can be found at 1-888-325-1190. Alternatively, customers can use the email [email protected] for both policy types.

Claims can be reached at the number 1-888-325-1190, or through their reporting portal. They also offer a remote claims estimation service for users with vehicles that are still safe and operational after an accident called MyClaimPics

If you purchased your policy through Coverage Cat we can help with insurance support (troubleshooting, claims, etc.) and can sometimes reach out to National General on your behalf.

How to Cancel National General Insurance

To cancel National General Insurance, contact their customer service or your assigned insurance agent. They will guide you through the cancellation process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Buy National General Insurance?

National General insurance is a good fit for customers who are unable to find insurance coverage through a more standard (and likely cheaper) carrier. If you're struggling to find insurance options or underwriting that will take you elsewhere, National General is a likely good candidate for you.

Is National General Insurance a Real Insurance Company?

Yes, National General Insurance is a legitimate insurer. It is backed by reputable carriers in the industry and offers a range of products that help thousands of homeowners every year. They have an A “Superior” rating from AM Best, a company that rates the financial stability of insurance companies, as well as an AA- rating for long-term issuer credit.

As of 2021 they're a subsidiary of Allstate.

How Does National General Insurance Make Money?

National General Insurance earns revenue through the premiums paid by its policyholders for insurance coverage. The company differentiates itself in the market through sales via a large independent agent network, focus on non-standard buyers, and diversification across various coverage types.

Is Using National General Worth It?

National General Insurance can be a great fit for buyers who are unable to get coverage through other insurers due to an insurance history that qualifies them as non-standard. However, the only way to know if they are the best fit for you is to shop across the marketplace for all auto and homeowners options before you make a purchase decision.

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