Insurance optimized to fit your personal needs

Don’t buy coverage you’ll never need

We sell you less insurance with right-sized coverage, and keep more money in your pocket

On average, our users save $550 per year!

Lower premiums, better coverage, less hassle

Save an average of $550, and never have to comparison shop or haggle for your renters/home/auto/personal liability insurance again

20-30 minutes and you’re done

Our comprehensive form lets us aggressively comparison shop for your quotes

100% online and via email

Don’t get pressured by a salesperson to buy coverage you don't need

When your life changes so do your policies

Just let us know what's new and we'll adjust your coverage and find you the best price (again)

Who should try Coverage Cat?

  • Need home, renters, auto, or general liability policies?
  • Make over $100,000 per year?
  • Have less than $10 million in assets?
  • Live in New York, Texas or Washington?
  • No claims in the past 3 years?

Then Coverage Cat is the best way for you to buy insurance

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Patrick fixed his homeowners and car insurance

A picture of Patrick, a Coverage Cat customer, smiling.

Consultant @ Boston Consulting Group

Coverage Cat found me a better deal than I could find on my own. You replicated what an independent broker could provide, but all online, which was way easier for me. I recommend it!

Jesse got insurance for his new electric vehicle

A picture of Jesse, a Coverage Cat user, smiling.

COO & former operations manager

It was a painless way for me to get my new car insured even though I was moving right after I received it.

Victoria got recommendations for her renters insurance

A picture of Victoria, a Coverage Cat user, smiling.

Founder and ML engineer

Coverage Cat found me the best possible insurance, but they made no money on it.

Users ❤️ Coverage Cat

Ellen improved her car insurance

A picture of Ellen, a Coverage Cat customer, holding a cat in front of a wave patterned blue background.

CPO @ Wellinks

Coverage cat was great! They explained the options for coverage and walked through scenarios that helped me understand how my policy would be applied. I saved over $400 on my annual premium.

Aahan improved his coverage threefold at no additional cost

A picture of Aahan, a Coverage Cat user, smiling.

Former risk strategist @ Goldman Sachs

Coverage Cat saved me one to two hours of calling providers. I hate this insurance stuff, and you did this for me in 10 mins of online form filling.

Arthur optimized his home coverage

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Software Engineer @ Two Sigma

Coverage Cat was strictly better than the three insurance providers we worked with directly. They removed coverage meaningless for our home, applied omitted discounts, and found a provider with more coverage at lower cost.

We’ve helped users with policies from these major carriers and more

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Our promise

  • Just one form
  • No phone calls or spam
  • The best policy we can find even if we don’t make money!

Julian found coverage improvements for his renters insurance

A picture of Julian, a Coverage Cat customer smiling.

Former CFO and Head of Finance

Coverage Cat found me $500,000 in coverage for just $124/yr!

🔒We never sell your information!

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About Coverage Cat

a picture of Max Cho, the founder and CEO of Coverage Cat

Max Cho

Founder & CEO

I've been obsessed with insurance ever since knocking out my teeth in high school and discovering my dental "insurance" paid a fraction of the cost of replacing them — "insurance" that failed me when I needed it the most. Insurance ought to be a life preserver in choppy seas, a product that lets us all pitch in and save each other when bad luck threatens bankruptcy. Coverage Cat's mission is to focus insurance around your risks, and provide protection for the storms you can't weather alone. We combine an innovative whole-person liability model with state-of-the-art technology to eliminate administrative overhead and save you money. People first, instead of starting with paperwork and property, enables us to do insurance right: solve your risk needs, at the fairest price, in a way that just works.
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