90% of people with a net worth over $100,000 buy the wrong insurance

We fix that for you, free. Our average user saves $800/yr

When catastrophe strikes, millions of Americans find out they bought the wrong thing and aren't protected by their insurance

We've helped users with policies from these major carriers

How it works

If you make over $100,000/year and have less than $5 million in assets, Coverage Cat is for you

1. Risk preference first

How much do you feel comfortable losing is the core question of insurance, and our focus for Coverage Cat. Our process prioritizes understanding the risks most relevant to your life and allows us to build your coverage around them

2. The right coverage

Our focus on catastrophic risk means that we improve your coverage for events that can force you into bankruptcy. Our users' financial security always comes first, so you could save $800 or more eliminating unnecessary premiums

3. Set it and forget it

Coverage Cat does the heavy lifting and optimizes your insurance for you. When you have something new in your life you'd like to protect, just let us know and we'll find the new best policies to keep the people and things you love the most safe

Tens of thousands of wealthy Americans go bankrupt every year when catastrophe strikes and they lack the right insurance. Don't let it happen to you

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I've been obsessed with insurance ever since knocking out my teeth in high school and discovering my dental "insurance" barely paid a fraction of the cost of replacing them — "insurance" that failed me when I counted on it. I believe insurance ought to be a life preserver in choppy seas, helping us all pitch in and save each other when bad luck threatens bankruptcy. Coverage Cat's mission is to refocus insurance on your risks: protecting you only from the storms you can't weather alone. We combine an innovative whole-person liability model with state-of-the-art technology to eliminate unnecessary administrative costs and save you money. Putting people first, instead of starting with paperwork and property, enables us to do the job I believe insurance always ought to have done: solving your risk needs, at the fairest price, in a way that just works.

Max Cho, Founder & CEO

Coverage Cat

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