What we do

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Why does Coverage Cat exist

We think insurance would work a lot better if people could easily find out what it’s going to cost, without having to fill out dozens of forms and have a bunch of spammy sales phone calls.

We started Coverage Cat as the missing website that knows millions of insurance prices and can help people quickly find the right match between the coverage they need and the best price for that amount of coverage.

What makes Coverage Cat different?

To get the best price in insurance, you usually have to shop around by contacting dozens of different companies. Marketplaces or brokers that ought to simplify this generally just show you the things they get paid to sell you, which means you still have to contact the insurance companies that aren’t paying to be included in those quoting services. 

Coverage Cat isn’t like that — we show you all the insurance options that we know about, even if we won’t get paid when we sell it.

How does Coverage Cat work?

Coverage Cat solves insurance’s opaque pricing scheme through massive data. In order to give our clients the best option, we knew we’d need millions of prices for the many options they could buy. So we built software for ourselves to rapidly discover if there were better prices for each person who signed up with us. And we saw tons of people with the wrong insurance and wildly overpaying for it. But then we thought — why not make that data public, so that anyone can see it?

So we launched Coverage Cat’s price transparency toolkit, enabling anyone to browse the millions of prices in our database. This tool gives everyone the opportunity to see what people similar to you pay for insurance, even if those insurers don’t pay Coverage Cat any commissions. 

By using this tool you can always be more informed with our unique  data, and get the best insurance just for you.

How is Coverage Cat free?

Coverage Cat is free for everyone. That’s possible because some of our users end up discovering that the best insurance for them is with a company that pays us a commission. The commissions from those serendipitous cases enable us to run a business that is free for everyone. And we always will put you first — we’ll tell you about the best thing we can find even if we don’t get paid for it.

We’re a data-driven licensed broker

Coverage Cat is a licensed insurance agency and brokerage. But instead of doing things the old-fashioned way and just telling you about a handful of insurance policies that we guess might be good, we use all of our historical data of millions of prices to figure out the right set of policies that makes the most sense for your specific financial needs. 

We’re only available in a few states right now!

Because each state requires us to get a separate license to do business in their state, we’re currently only available for consumers in: California, Florida, New York, Texas, and Washington. Sorry, but we’ll get to the rest of you as soon as we can!

Right now, Coverage Cat specializes only in personal property and casualty insurance (Auto, Home, Renters, Umbrella, etc).