Is Kin Insurance Legit?

Yes, Kin is a homeowners insurance company focused on ease-of-purchase for users in high-risk areas to buy the right insurance. Founded in 2017 they offer services across eight states: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Virginia, and Texas.

Updated April 30, 2024

By: Gabriel Botelho

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  1. Introduction to Kin Insurance
  2. What Kinds of Insurance Does Kin Insurance Offer?
  3. Does Kin Insurance Sell Homeowners Insurance?
  4. Does National General Sell Liability Insurance?
  5. How Does Kin Insurance Work?
  6. Pros and Cons of Kin Insurance
  7. Ratings and Customer Feedback
  8. Get Customer Support Or File A Claim For Kin Insurance
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Kin Insurance

Kin Insurance is a, relatively, new insurance company. Founded in 2017, and headquartered in Chicago, the company announced a $4 million fundraising round at launch and another $15 million round in 2024 with the aim of drastically simplifying the home insurance purchase process. Kin insurance focuses on homeowners that live in areas at high risk for natural disasters.

What Kinds of Insurance Does Kin Insurance Offer?

Kin Insurance focuses on various types of homeowners insurance-- single family homes, mobile home/RV, and condo-- with some specialized coverage like flood, landlord, hurricane, and luxury home coverage available in addition to more standard offerings.

Does Kin Insurance Sell Homeowners Insurance?

Yes, Kin primarily sells homeowners insurance. Their standard policies offer the full range of homeowners' coverage: to protect the structure of your home, other structures on your property, your personal property, disbursement of funds in case you have to move while your home is being repaired, liability coverage for accidents that occur on your property, and medical payments for events that occur when someone is injured on your property. Kin Insurance offers a more in-depth guide to what may or may not be covered here, and you can learn more about homeowners' coverage via our in-depth explainer.

Does Kin Insurance Sell Liability Insurance?

Yes, Kin does sell homeowners insurance. Buyers can also add liability protection to their homeowners, mobile home/RV, condo, and luxury home policy offerings.

How Does Kin Insurance Work?

Kin offers insurance to homeowners in areas that are perceived as high risk. They focus on areas with relatively high risks of natural disasters that prevent some more traditional insurers from providing policies and are currently operational in Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Virginia. They are able to accomplish this thanks to underwriting techniques that incorporate novel data and risk models the company claims to more accurately assess risk than traditional carriers.

Their services can be purchased through their website's intake form or via an online broker like Coverage Cat that can also assess the marketplace for other options. If you'd rather get a quote on the phone they are available at 855-717-0022 or via email at [email protected].

Pros and Cons of Kin Insurance



Ratings and Customer Feedback for Kin Insurance

Kin has broadly positive reviews across a range of review platforms and forums on the web. On Trustpilot, the service they use to host the review featured on their own site, they average 4.5 stars out of five across over three thousand five hundred reviews. On Google Maps they have a rating of 4.5 out of five stars with over three thousand five hundred reviews. On the Better Business Bureau they average 4.68 out of five stars averaged across over one thousand reviews.

Overall, customer satisfaction with Kin's Insurance's service is high. Buyers broadly praised Kin's buying experience as well as their customer service, and were often pleased to find highly competitive rates. This is especially true in markets where it has become more and more difficult to find effective insurance over the past few years.

The flip side is that the most common complaints that customers post about have to do with increases in price. Some of these increases, especially those for policy holders that are renewing their insurance in markets prone to natural disasters during an inflationary period, are required to cover the liabilities arise from underwriting insurance. Others however are part of the Kin user experience that could be improved: where final prices offered to customers are severely out of line with the prices that appear when it is time to finalize and bind a contract. While prices will always change with final underwriting, ensuring that estimates are conservative and well-aligned with customer expectations has clearly created some slippage that frustrates some customers in reviews.

Real reviews for Kin Insurance

Thomas Strickland, February 2024

via Google Maps Reviews

I had never heard of Kin Insurance until I began looking for coverage for my new home in Florida. I searched for companies that wrote policies on older manufactured homes in Florida, of which there are very few. I was contacted by Jordan who helped me navigate the needs for my policy. He was very helpful and provided all of the information that I needed. I compared the coverage and costs to other companies and found that Kin Insurance had the best rate of all of them. I can't speak of claims process (I haven't had to make one), but all of the customer service personnel that I have had contact with have been prompt, courteous and helpful. I highly recommend this company.

Ruthann C, February 2024

via Better Business Bureau Reviews

I was dropped by my former homeowners insurance and was having a hard time finding a company that was insuring in my county in Florida. I called Kin and expected to be told they are not insuring in my county. To my surprise, they not only insure in my county, but listened to my needs and wrote my policy with what coverage I needed. This cut my premium down considerably. Thank you Kin Insurance for your consideration and professionalism.

Peter, January 2024

via Trustpilot

The process of getting an insurance quote was incredibly quick and easy. Sarah the person who assisted me was clearly knowledgeable and asked good questions to help make sure I got the coverage I needed. My one dislike was the fact the quote I was given originally changed and went up several thousand dollars from when I initiated the quote to 10 days later when I finalized the purchase. That significant adjustment seemed sketchy and made me question moving forward. The real test for Kin will come when I need to use their product for a claim.

Recon, July 2023

via Trustpilot

Set up was easy rate was a little high but still manageable I would have gave them a 5 star but they cancelled me didn't tell me why my insurance relapsed, after several phone calls the rep told me they cancelled because I had trees touching home, which I corrected in 1 day, mold on siding which was actually moss corrected in 1 day and a hot tub with no water which was an inflatable I simply removed - could have avoided a cancel by giving me a call or email to correct these issue. was very disappointed since the process from there was great.

Deplap1, April 2021

via Wallethub

I have had KIN Insurance for a year, and for the most part, am quite satisfied with the company. Their rates seem to be a lot more competitive than our previous insurance....and thankfully we have had no claims. Several things that are, however, annoying. Fortunately I actually read the binder and noticed that the agent who wrote the original policy did not show our alarm system....which was discussed and has been installed and used for 20 years. When I called KIN I found out that we should have been told about an Alarm Certification. Within twenty minutes I was able to get this addressed and submitted to the company. At the time of that call I was also told about a Wind Mitigation review of the house and the potential to save further on the premium....this had never been suggested before this conversation. Within 2 days we had that inspection performed and submitted. The last pet peeve I have is the company's policy of charging the renewal 16 days before the existing policy expires. Most of my bills I will pay in the week they are due....not a deal breaker, but definitely annoying. I should also comment that their customer service has been excellent. I normally get a representative on the line quickly and they seem to be excellent with their attention to detail and follow-up. Overall I am quite satisfied with KIN and will plan to continue to do business with them.

Donald Day, March 2024

via Google Maps Reviews

Everything went great right up till I signed the application and went to pay at which time the price jumped up. I had already canceled my previous homeowners policy and was stuck with the deception yall created. I was the CEO of a Texas corporation for 27 1/2 years and in my opinion this is not an honest way of doing business.

Get Customer Support For Or File A Claim With Kin Insurance

Claims can be filed online at this link. Alternatively, claims for Kin Insurance are available via the phone at 866-204-2219. The service purports to be available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

There are two options for customer support: 1) you can reach out to them through their form, 2) you can contact them over the phone at 855-216-7674. Although their contact page also lists an online chat option that link was broken at the time of publication for this article.

If you purchased your policy through Coverage Cat we can help with insurance support (troubleshooting, claims, etc.) and can sometimes reach out to Kin on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Buy Kin Insurance?

Your insurance needs, location, and market alternatives should all come Deciding whether to purchase National General Insurance depends on your insurance needs, location, and comparable options. Before making a purchase decision you should compare their offerings with all available carriers and consider the tradeoffs the offered coverage.

Is Kin Insurance a Real Insurance Company?

Yes, Kin Insurance is a real insurance company. Kin issues policies from two different carriers-- Kin Interinsurance Network and Kin Interinsurance Nexus Exchange. As Coverager, a publication specialized in reporting insurance news, reports the first of these carriers largely covers Kin's Florida business (94% of premiums underwritten), while the latter backstops their operations in Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Additionally, they have strong 'Exceptional' financial stability ratings for both of their carriers as reported by Demotech, an issuer of financial ratings for insurance companies and financial services firms.

How Does Kin Insurance Make Money?

Kin Insurance makes money by collecting premiums from its policyholders for insurance coverage. The company differentiates itself in the market through ease-of-purchase and a focus on areas where coverage can be difficult to buy due to natural disasters.

Is Using Kin Insurance Worth It?

Kin Insurance can be a great fit for buyers with homes in higher-risk areas or folks who want an easy quoting and purchasing process for their homeowners insurance. Before making any insurance purchase, you should always search across the marketplace for the best possible coverage and price fit.

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