Is Bamboo Insurance Legit?

Yes, Bamboo is a real company that can sell you homeowners insurance in California and Arizona. They often provide highly competitive premiums in areas where other insurers might not be able to underwrite your home. That said, many customers have complained about the quality of customer service.

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  1. Introduction to Bamboo Insurance
  2. What Kinds of Insurance Does Bamboo Offer?
  3. Does Bamboo Sell Homeowners Insurance?
  4. Does Bamboo Sell Liability Insurance?
  5. How Does Bamboo Insurance Work?
  6. Pros and Cons of Bamboo Insurance
  7. Ratings and Customer Feedback for Bamboo Insurance
  8. Get Customer Support Or File A Claim For Bamboo Insurance
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Bamboo Insurance

Bamboo Insurance, a Utah-based company founded in 2018 that serves clients in California and Arizona, specializes in providing homeowners insurance in areas where more traditional insurance companies may have withdrawn from the market due to unfavorable risk conditions. For some consumers Bamboo can offer an alternative to FAIR plan policies, or better pricing for their risk. The company is best known for its competitive prices, but has received negative marks from customers for challenging sales, claims, and customer support processes.

What Kinds of Insurance Does Bamboo Offer?

Bamboo offers homeowners insurance with standard coverage for primary residences and specialized dwelling fire policies for non-primary residences such as rental properties, seasonal or vacation homes, vacant homes, secondary, and older homes. While their website also advertises auto and renters insurance options their FAQ clarifies that these types of policies are provided through affiliate-like arrangements found through their sales associates reaching out through a partner carrier network.

Does Bamboo Sell Homeowners Insurance?

Yes, Bamboo offers standard homeowners insurance policies for both primary and non-primary residences like vacation homes and investment properties. For primary homeowners, their policies cover homes’ dwellings, other structures, and personal property, as well as personal liability and loss of use. For dwelling fire policies, their policies cover homes' dwelling and other structures, with the option to add personal property coverage and personal liability coverage. For landlords looking to purchase dwelling fire policies, Bamboo offers fair rental value coverage.

Does Bamboo Sell Liability Insurance?

Bamboo Insurance offers liability coverage as part of its homeowners and dwelling fire insurance policies.

How Does Bamboo Insurance Work?

Bamboo Insurance operates by offering a variety of insurance policies tailored to individual needs. Technically they operate as an MGA, a managing general agent, which allows them to sell custom insurance policies with the support of a larger insurer. Their services can be purchased on the phone with one of their agents, or via an online insurance broker like Coverage Cat that doesn’t require a sales call and can also assess the marketplace for other options.

Even if your insurance policy also has the name of a larger insurer, you use Bamboo Insurance like any other home insurance company. Once you've purchased Bamboo Insurance, you work directly with Bamboo or your agent to process any claims, make payments, change your coverage, or manage renewals.

Pros and Cons of Bamboo Insurance


  • Competitive pricing.
  • Often available in areas that traditional insurers have chosen not to service.
  • Strong financial backing and ratings from agencies that rate insurance companies.
  • Can provide an alternative to the FAIR plan through their admitted and non-admitted products.


  • Only available in California and Arizona
  • In California, does not offer coverage for owned condos or apartments.
  • Customers report that support and claims can be frustrating to deal with.

Ratings and Customer Feedback for Bamboo Insurance

Bamboo has a wide range of reviews and customer feedback across a variety of platforms. On Trustpilot they average three stars across eight reviews. On Yelp they average one star out of five across fourteen reviews. On Clearsurance, an insurance review site, they average 1.44 out of five stars across twenty four customer reviews. On Google Maps they rate at 3.9 stars out of five over 128 reviews. On the Better Business Bureau they average one out of five stars based on an average of four customer reviews. And on their own reviews page Bamboo Insurance averages 4.9 stars out of five across 79 reviews.

Overall, customer satisfaction with Bamboo Insurance's service is mixed. To the company's credit though some of the folks with the harshest reviews complaints are repeat posters across platforms, and Bamboo's customer service team does seem to make an effort to reach out to them to remediate their problems.

Customers most often complain about challenges in the claims process, and Bamboo often replies that they are have gone through a period of explosive growth during which they have worked to adjust the claims process to better meet users' needs. A smaller group of users also complain about having to purchase through agents, but as a counterpoint some also praise the ease of signing up for coverage.

Real reviews for Bamboo Insurance

Syed Khalid, January 2024

via Trustpilot

Quick and easy process- gave us different options based on my insurance budget. The agent was great and was able to help me with a policy.

Vic Manuelli, February 2024

via Google Maps Reviews

Was a bit confusing as had agents from 2 or 3 different offices contact me regarding same issue. Finally got it, but with different offices.

Isabel Kirschner, January 2024

via Google Maps Reviews

This was an insurance that took the longest to get. Not completely satisfied. Can't blame the holidays either because it was initiated before the holidays. Coverages were however better than previous insurance.

Ben, September 2020

via Google Maps Reviews

This is one of the worse companies I ever had to deal with just trying to talk to anyone!!!! I've called three times in the past two weeks and every time I've waited over an hour with no luck!

Steven Tate, San Francisco CA, October 2023

via Clearsurance

We submitted a claim from hurricane Hillary on August 21st…it's October 10th! We have still not had any communication whether or not this claim will be covered and in the meantime our walls are probably growing mold! We've contacted Mark, who is supposedly supposed to be the manager overseeing claims and have only received a text saying he will get back to us, but hasn't. This company is a scam. If I could rate zero stars, I would. Pay for a legit company like all state or farmers. Now we can't switch insurance because we have an existing claim. This company is a joke.

Joe E., San Diego CA, December 2023

via Yelp

You get what you pay for with this company. From day one it has been a nightmare. My home flooded when the city turned my water back on when I wasn't home, causing me to file a claim very early into my policy. It's been a month and a half since I filed my claim, and there is still no authorization of coverage. My claims adjuster Chelsea always has an excuse for why we can't move forward. It seems like they are trying to find any way to not pay me my benefit. It's clear that Bamboo is not here to help

Get Customer Support For Or File A Claim With Bamboo Insurance

Customer support for Bamboo Insurance is available through a contact form on their website. Contact can be made via phone, or email. Customer support can be reached at (833)-922-6266 and the email [email protected] while claims can be reached at the number (877)-333-6938, and the email address, [email protected].

If you are a Coverage Cat customer we can help with insurance support (troubleshooting, claims, etc.) and can often contact Bamboo on your behalf.

How to Cancel Bamboo Insurance

To cancel Bamboo Insurance, contact their customer service or your assigned insurance agent. They will guide you through the cancellation process. If you’re a Coverage Cat user we can handle your cancellation for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy Bamboo Insurance?

Deciding whether to purchase Bamboo Insurance depends on your specific insurance needs, location, and evaluation of other available options. Before making a purchase decision you should compare their offerings with other insurance providers and consider the pros and cons of any given policy.

Is Bamboo Insurance a Real Insurance Company?

Yes, Bamboo Insurance is a legitimate insurer. It is backed by reputable carriers in the industry and offers a range of products that help thousands of homeowners every year. They have an A “Excellent” rating from AM Best, a company that rates the financial stability of insurance companies, as well as an AA- rating for long-term issuer credit.

In 2023 Bamboo was acquired by White Mountains, a holding company that owns a number of insurance companies operating across the United States.

Is Bamboo Insurance an Admitted Carrier?

Bamboo Insurance is a managing general agency (MGA), which means they are licensed to sell specialized insurance coverage for a carrier. Bamboo works with some admitted carriers, such as Sutton National, but can also sell excess and surplus lines through carriers like Sutton Specialty E & S. Whether you buy Bamboo Insurance through an admitted carrier or an excess and surplus line depends on the product you're buying, and your property's risk level. To learn what options are available to you, get a quote through your agent or Coverage Cat.

How Does Bamboo Insurance Make Money?

Bamboo Insurance earns revenue through the premiums paid by its policyholders for the insurance coverage provided. The company focuses on offering competitive pricing and various insurance types to attract a wide range of customers.

Is Using Bamboo Worth It?

Bamboo Insurance can be a good fit for homeowners in California or Arizona who need competitively priced insurance for their properties. Bamboo's excess & surplus lines can also make it a good fit for homeowners who have had difficulty finding coverage through a traditional company. If you're looking for an alternative to the FAIR plan, but can't find coverage because your risks are too high or you need higher coverage limits, Bamboo can often find alternative insurance products. The only way to know if they are the best fit for you is to shop across the marketplace for all homeowners insurance options before you make a decision. Coverage Cat can do this for you with our commission-blind search and evaluation tools that put your needs before our commission.

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