What is Kemper Insurance?

Kemper Insurance can sell you car or auto, commercial, commercial umbrella, business owners, life, motorcycle, ATV, and homeowners insurance nationwide. It focuses on non-standard auto customers.


By: Gabriel Botelho

Insurance Types

Auto, Life, Homeowners, Commercial, Commercial Umbrella, Business Owners, Motorcycle

  1. Introduction to Kemper Insurance
  2. What Kinds of Insurance Does Kemper Offer?
  3. Does Kemper Sell Auto or Car Insurance?
  4. Does Kemper Sell Homeowners Insurance? 
  5. How Does Kemper Insurance Work?
  6. Pros and Cons of Kemper Insurance
  7. Get Customer Support Or File A Claim For Kemper Insurance
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Kemper Insurance

Kemper is a Chicago-based insurance company that sells insurance nationwide to car or auto, commercial, commercial umbrella, business owners, life, motorcycle, ATV, and homeowners. Within the property and casualty space it focuses on non-standard, or higher-risk, auto customers. It was the 12th largest auto underwriter in the United States in 2022.

What Kinds of Insurance Does Kemper Offer?

Kemper has a range of consumer insurance products. On the auto side they provide coverage for auto motorcycle, ATV. Additionally, they also offer insurance for homeowners, life, and commercial insurance.

Does Kemper Sell Car Insurance?

Yes, Kemper consumer auto policies feature liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. They offer mostly stock auto insurance policies with a focus on non-standard buyers.

Does Kemper Sell Homeowners Insurance?

Yes, Kemper sells homeowners insurance. Coverage are mostly standard for homes primary and secondary structures. Buyers can also add protection for their things or liability when required and available (may vary state by state). Preferred/standard pricing and status should be expected as required for homeowners coverage.

How Does Kemper Insurance Work?

Kemper Insurance offers a variety of insurance policies aimed at non-standard auto insurance buyers and better off homeowners. They also have other lines of business that won't be the subject of this review.

Much of Kemper's business is done through agents, you can buy Kemper through Coverage Cat, who are then paid a commission when you purchase insurance through them. In some case you can also purchase through their online portal linked below.

Pros and Cons of Kemper Insurance


Cons [TBD]

  • Preferred-client insurer targets fewer states
  • 'More Complaints' report to the NAIC relative to its peers and the relative volume of insurance they underwrite
  • Customers report that support and claims can be frustrating to deal with.

Get Customer Support For Or File A Claim With Kemper Insurance

If you'd rather contact them online, customer support for Kemper Insurance is available through a contact form. Contact can be made via phone, or email. Customer support can be reached at 800-782-1020 and the email [email protected] which is shared with claims. Claims can be reached at 800-353-6737.

For Kemper Personal has a separate customer service email [email protected] and lines at 877-252-7878. They also provide a mortgage verification number: 877-589-8883 and a suspected insurance fraud hotline: 866-372-8382.

The claims and general addresses are:

Claims: P.O. Box 2843 / Clinton, IA 52733

General: Kemper Personal Insurance / 5555 Gate Parkway, Suite 500 / Jacksonville, FL 32256

Coverage Cat users can sometimes get help with insurance support and we might be able to contact Kemper on your behalf.

How to Cancel Kemper Insurance

To cancel Kemper Insurance, contact their customer service or your insurance agent. They will guide you through the cancellation process. Coverage Cat user's, we can often handle your cancellation for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Buy Kemper Insurance?

Kemper Insurance matches buyers who can't find insurance coverage through insurance carrier that are more standard (and likely cheaper). If you're struggling to find insurance options or underwriting that will take you elsewhere, Kemper could be a good candidate for you.

For Kemper Personal, their more upscale lines of business: you'll need to chat with an agent that can compare Kemper prices for you or do the work yourself if possible.

For both lines of products consider your specific insurance needs, location, and evaluation of other available options. Compare offers before you buy and consider the pros and cons for any coverage.

Is Kemper Insurance a Real Insurance Company?

Yes, Kemper is a legitimate insurer. It is backed by reputable carriers in the industry and offers a range of products that help thousands of homeowners every year. They have an A- “Excellent” rating from AM Best, a company that rates the financial stability of insurance companies. It's larger holding company has an A 'Strong' rating from Fitch as of August 2023.

Is Kemper Insurance an Admitted Carrier?

Yes, Kemper Personal and Kemper Auto are directly backed by a carrier with a lead operating subsidiary, Trinity Universal Insurance Company. Bamboo Insurance is a managing general agency (MGA), which means they are licensed to sell specialized insurance coverage for a carrier. Bamboo works with some admitted carriers, such as Sutton National, but can also sell excess and surplus lines through carriers like Sutton Specialty E & S. Whether you buy Bamboo Insurance through an admitted carrier or an excess and surplus line depends on the product you're buying, and your property's risk level. To learn what options are available to you, get a quote through your agent or Coverage Cat.

How Does Kemper Insurance Make Money?

Kemper Insurance makes money through the premiums that its policyholders pay. Kemper in particular claims to be particularly good at assessing non-standard buyers for their risk.

Is Using Kemper Worth It?

Kemper Insurance can be a good fit for non-standard drivers nationwide as well as homeowners in CA, ID, IL, NY, OR, PA, WA who can benefit from their standard or preferred homeowners products.

The only way to know for sure though is to use a commission blind insurance optimization tool like Coverage Cat.

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