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Mapfre Insurance is a real company headquartered out of Webster Massachusetts that sells auto, homeowners, other property, and commercial vehicle insurance.

April 14, 2024

By: Gabriel Botelho

Insurance Types

Auto, Homeowners, Other Property, Commercial Vehicle

  1. Introduction to Mapfre Insurance
  2. What Kinds of Insurance Does Mapfre Insurance Offer?
  3. Does Mapfre Insurance Sell Auto Insurance?
  4. Does Mapfre Insurance Sell Homeowners Insurance?
  5. How Does Mapfre Insurance Work?
  6. Pros and Cons of Mapfre Insurance
  7. Reviews for Mapfre Insurance
  8. Get Customer Support Or File A Claim For Mapfre Insurance
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Mapfre Insurance

Mapfre Insurance is an insurance company focused on car and homeowners insurance headquartered in Webster, Massachussetts. Mapfre offers coverage across a patchwork of states and is listed as active in California, Arizona, and Pennsylvania as well as a joint venture in WA state with AAA.

What Kinds of Insurance Does Mapfre Insurance Offer?

Mapfre Insurance's focus is auto and homeowners insurance with sales experience through agents. They also provide coverage for a bunch of other stuff including identity theft, motorcycles, excess liability/umbrella, watercraft, commercial business insurance, and RVs.

Does Mapfre Insurance Sell Auto Insurance?

Yes, Mapfre primarily sells auto insurance. Mapfre's coverages subject to the same regulations as other major insurers so there's not a ton of underlying product differentiation other than price.

Does Mapfre Insurance Sell Homeowners Insurance?

Yes, Mapfre sells homeowners insurance. Broadly their policies have features that are also offered by other carriers as part of homeowners policies. Policies sold by Mapfre broadly protect property with standard homeowners coverage: (A) home structure, (B) secondary structures, (C) personal effects, (D) when you can't use the property, (E) liability to others, and (F) medical payments for injury. They also have some marketing programs that target supporting particular property types, like restorationist homes.

Does Mapfre Insurance Sell Liability Insurance?

No, Mapfre does sell liability insurance, also called umbrella insurance, to consumers. If you'd rather get a number of quotes and comparisons, you can purchase Umbrella insurance via our explainer on the subject. For Mapfre, you can contact their agents via the phone on this page.

How Does Mapfre Insurance Work?

Mapfre sells insurance online and through a large agent workforce through a process that can involve a phone call. Alternatively, you can buy through Coverage Cat.

You can find an agent via their locator tool, get an auto quote via their intake form or a home quote here. Buyers in WA can also check AAA and Mapfre prices at this portal.

Pros and Cons of Mapfre Insurance



Get Customer Support For Or File A Claim With Mapfre Insurance

If you're searching for phone support, Mapfre offers one phone line for Claims at 855-627-3737.

They provide a claims documentation submission form here that includes a tab on submissions via Fax to the following number 508-949-9549 and instructions to add : "Loss or Claim Number", "Policy Number", "Your Contact Info: Name & Phone".

To file a claim with Mapfre Insurance policyholders are strongly encouraged by their website to file a claim via their online portal. Whether you purchased your Mapfre insurance through Coverage Cat or not, and aren't in immediate danger, you can contact us to help support you through your claims process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Buy Mapfre Insurance?

Deciding whether to buy MAPFRE Insurance depends on your insurance needs and preferences. MAPFRE offers a range of insurance products, including auto, home, and commercial vehicle insurance, with coverage options for different customers. It’s important to compare their offers, price, customer service reputation, and the convenience of their services. Do you live in Washington, or California, Texas, New York, or Florida? Then Coverage Cat can assess your insurance needs.

Is Mapfre Insurance a Real Insurance Company?

Yes, MAPFRE Insurance is part of the MAPFRE Group, a global insurance company with its headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The Group operates worldwide and is the largest Spanish insurance company. MAPFRE USA, headquartered in Webster, Massachusets and the joint venture in Washington Auto Club Mapfree Insurance is a subsidiary under this larger global entity, allowing it to leverage the robust resources and international network of its parent company to diversify its risk.

As of October 2023, they have an 'A (Excellent)' financial strength ratings from AM Best, an issuer of financial ratings for insurance companies and financial services firms. Their joint venture with AAA, the sometimes insurance sometimes organization automotive club in Washington, does not separate its own separate financial information with the NAIC.

How Does Mapfre Insurance Make Money?

MAPFRE Insurance makes money through the premiums paid by its customers for insurance policies it offers. The company pools these premiums to pay out claims while also investing a portion of these premiums to generate additional income.

Is Using Mapfre Insurance Worth It?

MAPFRE Insurance is well-suited to a variety of customers who need homeowners and auto owners needs. The only way to know for sure whether its right for you is to compare your auto, home, and umbrella insurance quote with Coverage Cat. We'll find you the best possible offers, including Mapfre and make it easy to buy your best possible policy.

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