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Gabi vs Coverage Cat

Gabi’s coverage comparison options, Homeowners and Auto insurance, make it a bit more narrow than Coverage Cat’s scope since we also provide umbrella and renters optimization.

Gabi vs. Coverage Cat

Gabi is a technology company that helps consumers save money on their home and auto insurance coverage. They offer a platform that lets consumers compare quotes from multiple insurers and find the best coverage options for their needs.

Now owned by Experian — a company best known for leaking millions of Americans’ data — Gabi was once a startup focused on the use of technology to make the process of shopping for and managing insurance coverage easier and more convenient for consumers.

We feel well-aligned with Gabi in their original mission to improve the insurance buying experience. But similar to how we feel for NerdWallet, Jerry, and PolicyGenius, most comparison tools don’t go far enough in helping the user find the best insurance.

They leave too much room for consumers to make coverage-selection errors.

Gabi’s coverage comparison options don't include umbrella and renters optimizations like Coverage Cat does.

Coverage Cat’s mission is to provide our users with the best-fit insurance coverage at the best possible price. We work across car/auto, homeowners/renters, and umbrella insurance to support our users in CA, FL, NY, TX, and WA.

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