Insurance For People Who Don't Believe In Insurance

Gabriel Botelho2023-01-12

Some people don't believe in insurance. For good savers so do we since, broadly, you shouldn't insure anything you can afford to replace.

Our coverage cats are insurance animals who don’t like what we see in people’s policies. Overspending on low-end coverage, low-deductibles, and major misunderstandings about liability and umbrella protection come across our systems on the regular. But what irks our team most is when people, through no fault of their own, don’t buy insurance that protects against catastrophes. Catastrophe-first coverage, insurance that protects against catastrophic events, natural disasters, or significant accidents, is a focus for savings through Coverage Cat. Disasters are lower probability events, which makes premiums that focus on this coverage tend to be lower than traditional policies. 

This low-cost, high-savings mix makes catastrophic policies a good match for those who are handy and good savers. Investors can buy catastrophe-focused insurance through Coverage Cat and avoid over-insurance. The handy and the savers stand to benefit the most from catastrophe-focused coverage. These users have the most leverage and ability to protect their assets from other policy-covered risks. Proper maintenance of heating and plumbing systems can extend the life of many essential home systems for years and reduce the likelihood of a claim-triggering event. Other improvements like storm shutters or better gutter management can help prevent damage even during some disasters. By taking these precautions, prepared people reduce their risk of loss and use their premium dollars to cover risks they can’t afford. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t believe in insurance and wants the best possible deal on your coverage, you should sign up for Coverage Cat. We’ll ensure you don’t pay to insure anything you can afford to replace on your own, and will find you better protection for the types of disasters that could bankrupt you.

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