2022 Best Of Max Cho's TikTok

Gabriel Botelho2022-12-29

Some quality Toks for you to chew on as you face 2023

This is the official Coverage Cat 2022 review of Max’s TikToks. Whether or not you have the app installed, if you have a penchant for personal finance, insurance, FIRE or FAT FIRE, planes or automobiles then scroll through to enjoy some of our founder and CEO’s best content with notes from the team. Here are some of the teams’ favorites from: Max The 2022 Toks

Favorite Tok: Chris

Come for the plane facts, stay for the engaged comments and amazing sound. The sample is illustrative of the broader point of the Tok through emphatic repetition. If these veggies were jets, they’d definitely represent 80% of the fleet.

@minimum_cho How Bradley Birkenfeld went to prison and ended up rich #irs #whistleblower #swiss #bank #finance #doj ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose

Favorite Tok: Jazzmin 

This is what the people algorithm love(d) most in 2022 from Max’s Tok. It really does have it all, quality storytelling and a weird a novel twist on a get-rich-quick story. Crime? Huge Payouts? Charming narrator? So captivating that it’s well above a TikTok’s expected length? 

Favorite Tok: Gabriel The sound slowly peels back on the suspense of which car Liberty Mutual finds to be truly “uninsurable” which sounds really cool but is actually terrifying when you start to think of it. Amazing contributions from the comments–“justice for the Viper” indeed– tie it together. 

Favorite Tok: Max

If you’re into car chases and old action films its an absolute banger of a film for the clip. It’s funny to see it cut up with an insurance theme and kinda cool to get educated on. It also showcases Max’s obsession with this Hensonn song.

Favorite Tok: Honorable mention

Also in the tags only era, this one is funny because the comments are at war with Max. Do they actually seal manhole covers on the presidential motorcade route? A cursory google search seems to say yes, but the conspiracy minded among us will hold out to see if Slankey and adam from the comments know something we don’t.

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